Becker, Jinkerson Score Repeat Wins; Golobic and McDaniel earn first season victories



PLACERVILLE, CA – For the second week in a row, Roseville’s Sean Becker captured the checkered flag at Placerville Speedway Saturday night. Becker’s win netted him and his Dan Monhoff owned racing team a $2000 victory as the event was not only the 13th Red Hawk Casino Championship Points Race of the year, it was inclusive of the special Placerville Posse Challenge Series, which awards bonus funds to all three of the weekly divisions on four special nights during the year.

As Becker his victory with hopes his good fortune will carry into next week when the win will pay $10,000 for the Mark Forni Classic. The veteran driver was joined in victory lane by Randy McDaniel of Olivhurst who drove his way to a $750 win in the Limited Late Models. Dan Jinkerson of Diamond Springs won his fifth victory worth $500 in the Pure Stocks and Shane Golobic of Fremont bested the field to win the Bay Cities Racing Association Midget Main event.
The waving of the green flag was followed by a red when a three car collision broke out on the backstretch involving Zack Lynksey of Bakersfield, Ryan Robinson of Foresthill, Chris Masters of Napa and Steven Ingraham of Fair Oaks. The wreck resulted in Ingraham going upside down with the most damage but without injury as his night ended early.
Once the green flag finally waved, polesitter Mike Benson shot into the lead over second place starter Jake Morgan of Fair Oaks. Before the five lap mark, Sean Becker of Roseville advanced from third place into the lead to began his pursuit of Benson’s distant lead.
With eight laps complete, the leaders began to approach lapped traffic, Becker powered to the outside of Benson in the second turn to take the lead and distance himself from the field until a yellow flag flew on lap 11 when Ryan Robinson of Foresthill came to a stop off turn two and Herman Klein of Sacramento spun to the infield barrier off the front stretch.
On the restart, Becker powered his way to the helm once again aboard his Monhoff Racing #35 Sprint Car while Benson battled with Shane Golobic of Fremont for the second position while Cory Eliason managed his way past Morgan for the fourth position by the 15 lap mark.
Just after a restart on the 15 lap mark, Benson and Golobic both made a bonsai effort to close in on Becker in the third and fourth turns. All three of the drivers nearly were side by side momentarily until Becker pulled ahead to another healthy lead he would maintain all the way to the finish where he scored his second straight win of the season. Golobic finished in second place followed by Benson, Cory Eliason of Kingsburg, Steven Tiner of Elverta and Andy Forsberg of Auburn.
“I can’t thank Dan Monhoff for letting me drive this car for him,” said Becker. “He’s great to work with and we do well together and have a lot of fun doing it. It’s always great to get a win for him because he and this team put so much into it. We’ll be back next week to give the Forni race a shot, $10,000 to win is a lot of money so it’s going to be tougher than before.”

Jinkerson Breaks Out into Pure Stock lead early for fifth victory

In the Pure Stock feature, Jinkerson started 10th in the field while Cameron Park’s Rich Zoller set the pace as he muscled ahead of pole sitter Rick Grunert of Woodland. Zoller led the first three laps by a couple car lengths. Following a caution flag and a restart, Folsom’s Jay Bryant moved into the second position to begin challenging for the lead.
With six laps complete, a caution flag flew for a two car collision in the second turn and the restart for the green flag placed Bryant to the inside of Zoller for the restart of the race, after Zoller chose the outside position for the third green flag of the night. The two leaders raced side by side for two laps until Bryant spun in the fourth turn.
As Bryant went to the rear for the restart, Jinkerson made his move and powered into second place on the 8th lap and began challenging Zoller for the lead. Another caution flag on the ninth lap put Jinkerson into position to take the lead when he started aside Zoller for the restart at the halfway point of the race. When the green flag waved again, Jinkerson used his front row starting spot to his benefit, powering ahead of Zoller to take a lead he would never relinquish.
Despite several additional restarts, Jinkerson maintained his lead all the way to the checkered flag where he scored the $500 win and was followed by Zoller, Dan Smith, Rick Grunert and Scott Grunert.
“We had a lot of work to do and a lot to fix last week after our wreck,” said Jinkerson. “But it paid off tonight and we got to spend a lot of time with family and friends in the shop and that’s what this is all about. I was fortunate to get up towards the front tonight and then a restart that got me out ahead of all the trouble and get the win.”

Randy McDaniel fills in for son, scores first Placerville win

The Limited Late Model race saw polesitter Anthony Restad power into the lead where he made quick work of second place starter Matt Davis of Auburn. McDaniel powered his way around Davis as well to move into second place where he challenged Restad for the lead for the first six laps before muscling his way to the top spot.
Once in front, McDaniel maintained his lead despite the challenges of Restad. At the line it was McDaniel followed by Restad, Ray Trimble of Auburn, Davis and 23jr of Tyler Lightfoot.
“Ryan had to travel to Missouri this week and we wanted to keep supporting this division up here, because having the support of the drivers and cars each week is the only thing that will make it grow. The track and Domco does so much for us and this whole class and we appreciate all they do for the sport so we decided I would step in and drive. We had a good race out there, Ryan makes it look a lot easier than it is though, I’d never driven this car until tonight and it takes some work out here.”
Double Duty for Golobic pays off with BCRA Midget win

The BCRA Midget feature event started off with Stockton’s Nick Chivello taking the lead off the outside of the front row. Chivello led the first three laps until Golobic, who started third, muscled into second place to challenge for the lead. Golobic made his first attempt on the front stretch of lap three only to have Chivello answer back and power back into the lead. Once lap later, Golobic muscled off the fourth turn to power into the lead in the same spot.
Once in front, Golobic worked his way into a strong lead and began lapping traffic with 13 laps complete. Frank Guerrini of San Rafael powered into second place to distantly challenge the leader with Taylor Simas in his wake.
With 22 laps down a red flag flew when multiple cars collided in the first and second turns and resulted in a red flag when Taylor Simas of Santa Rosa went upside down. Once the event was restarted, Golobic continued his dominance as Cory Elliot of Bakersfield and Chivello muscled back into second place to battle with Guerrini for the final laps. At the line it was Golobic, Cory Elliot of Bakersfied, Chivello and Guerinni.
“I had a great car to drive tonight, they made my job pretty easy,” said Golobic. “We got out in front pretty early and were able to work into the lapped traffic and a good lead. I wanted to win in the sprint cars tonight too but that just didn’t happen tonight. Maybe that saves our luck for next week with the big race, I don’t know. I just want to thank this whole team tonight. Doug Bock provides a great car and crew and I appreciate all they do for me.”
Next Saturday night, Placerville Speedway will host the richest race in it’s 50 Year History.

The event will feature the Civil War Sprint Car Series, which is a spectacular group of drivers on any regular week. However, Handy Racing Promotions and a collaboration with the local business community has worked hard to make this race truly special for the track’s 50th Anniversary Season, it’s the 10th Annual Mark Forni Classic and the track and it;’s supporters have added to the regular Civil War winnings to make the victory worth an amazing $10,000 to win next Saturday. Don’t miss this historical night, gates will open at 5 p.m. with qualifying at 6:30. For more information watch www.placervillespeedway .com

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