Result For June 07, 2014 
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Limited Late Models - A Main   Add to Google

FinishStartCarDriverHometownRace Points
111    Ryan Mcdaniel     Olivehurst , Ca40.00
2537    Ray Trimble     Auburn , Ca39.00
3486    Matt Micheli     Live Oak, Ca38.00
4992    Tom Tilford     Citrus Heights, Ca37.00
5266    Jason Englund     Citrus Heights, Ca36.00
61115    Jay Norton     Shingle Spring, Ca35.00
785X    Dan Brown Jr.    Rocklin , Ca34.00
8322G    Paul Guglielmoni     Vacaville , Ca33.00
91033    Don Swartz     Gass Valley, Ca32.00
101223    Tyler Lightfoot     Placerville , Ca31.00
11622    Dominic Stone     Folsom , Ca30.00
12722G    Terry Kuntz      -29.00
131396A    Ken Micheli     Live Oak, Ca28.00
Limited Late Models - Heat 2

FinishStartCarDriverHometownRace Points
1266    Jason Englund     Citrus Heights, Ca5.00
2386    Matt Micheli     Live Oak, Ca4.00
3422    Dominic Stone     Folsom , Ca3.00
465X    Dan Brown Jr.    Rocklin , Ca2.00
5133    Don Swartz     Gass Valley, Ca1.00
6523    Tyler Lightfoot     Placerville , Ca0.00
Limited Late Models - Heat 1

FinishStartCarDriverHometownRace Points
161    Ryan Mcdaniel     Olivehurst , Ca5.00
2222G    Paul Guglielmoni     Vacaville , Ca4.00
3537    Ray Trimble     Auburn , Ca3.00
4322G    Terry Kuntz      -2.00
5792    Tom Tilford     Citrus Heights, Ca1.00
6415    Jay Norton     Shingle Spring, Ca0.00
7196A    Ken Micheli     Live Oak, Ca0.00
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